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While more and more players are moving away from wooden hockey sticks, they are still cherished amongst the hockey community. Dubbed as ‘old school’, wooden hockey sticks are still seen as more comfortable, balanced and lightweight than some of their newer counterparts. With good control and handling, a wooden hockey stick could be just the right companion you need with you as you start out your hockey playing career. Shop our collection of wooden hockey sticks online and take your hockey game back to where it all began.



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Kookaburra Sport is one of the world’s most recognisable brands for cricket and hockey equipment, sport apparel and accessories. We’ve got over 130 years of experience behind us - so you know you’re only getting the best in both service and sporting equipment. Designed for beginners, seniors and professional athletes alike, our selection of hockey stick grips, ultralite sticks and pro player sticks will take your game to the next level. Discover why Kookaburra Sport is a household name for all hockey equipment.


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Buy your wooden hockey stick online from Kookaburra Sport and enjoy delivery right across New Zealand. Sign up as a Team Kookaburra Member today and access free shipping and free returns*. When you step out onto the pitch, you only need the best - shop online today with Kookaburra Sport.

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