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Get ahead of the scoreboard by selecting a cricket bat better suited to your playing style. Kookaburra senior cricket bats are designed with the long-game in mind - so you can head to the pitch with a swagger. Crafted from the best piece of English willow and modelled using the latest technology, cricketers the world over love nothing more than to play their natural game with a trusted bats in hand.

We don’t just build bats, we build partnerships. Step up to the crease with confidence and know that you’ve got what you need to help you succeed in every innings. Look to us for a comprehensive selection of cricket bats that are perfect for adults at all levels of the game.



Advance your game to a new heights with a Kookaburra Bat

Take the guesswork out of your shot selection by choosing the right Kookaburra bat for you. With a selection of both short-handle and long-handle bats made to the strictest quality standards, the Kookaburra bat collection offers adults of all skill levels the choice they need to play that expansive cover-drive down the ground . Many of the world’s best batsmen in the game face up to the fastest bowlers in the world armed with one of our premium bats. Our expert bat maker will make it easy for you to choose your next bat, as well as provide expert advice and quality assurance to help maintain your bat health.

We understand what makes you tick. You’re thinking about that next ball. The shot you’ll play. The total to overcome. That’s why we design and manufacture top-of-the-line, heavy-duty cricket bats for competitors that want the very best. Whether you’re a world-class athlete like Tom Blundell, Shikar Dhawan, or a grass-roots Junior who never gives up, we’ve got all the boxes ticked.


A proud family-owned business for more than a century

For more than 130 years, Kookaburra have provided New Zealand cricketers and sportsmen around the globe with top-end cricket equipment. With a wealth of experience and expertise behind us, we have put the very best Cricket Bats in your hand. Look to us for Kahuna, Ghost, Empower, and Beast bats that will help you find the middle.

Need help making your selection? Visit our choosing a bat section for expert advice. We’ve also got you covered for bat care so you can get longevity out of your purchase.

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