Low-Bow Hockey Sticks


LowBow field hockey sticks offer exceptional performance for our more experienced, wristy players. The Kookaburra low bow stick allows players to drag and flick more easily towards the top corners, as the lower peak of the bow allows more of a scoop hit, which in turn increases the accuracy of each aerial hit.

Everything that we manufacture is made with the latest tech and our L-Bow designs are no exception. Chip and shoot the ball more effectively with greater ball control by selecting a Kookaburra L-Bow hockey stick.

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Need help choosing a stick? NZ has a wide range of hockey sticks available including Pro Player Sticks, Ultralite Sticks, MBow Sticks and Wooden Sticks. Get in touch today at [email protected] for expert product advice or find out what our pro-athletes are recommending online. As a globally operated business, we pride ourselves on offering a standout level of support to all our customers.

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