4 Piece Balls

Cricket's Number One Ball

No ball has played more test matches, taken more test wickets, scored more test runs and been a part of more iconic cricket moments than the Kookaburra test cricket ball. A valued symbol of the sporting world, the red Kookaburra 4-piece cricket ball is preferred by athletes at every level of the game, delivering the reliable performance they need to play at their very best.



History is in your hand with a Kookaburra four piece cricket ball

For more than a century, Kookaburra has prided itself on the quality, consistency and durability of our 4 piece cricket balls. A part of our history and the key component to a cricketing match. Each ball is built by hand to our exact standards, just as they have been for decades. Each certified as regulation quality, our cricket balls are made from four pieces of hand-selected heavy leather steer hide built around a core of cork quilted with worsted yarn. The result is an enthralling contest between ball and bat that all cricket fans love to see. Expect nothing less than a competition with the Kookaburra 4-piece - the the ball of choice for nine out of twelve test playing nations.


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Kookaburra Sport offers everything for the modern cricket player, from 2-piece and Super Coach balls perfect for training to protective equipment and cricket bats. Browse our range today and gear up for your season.

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