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Kookaburra Wicket Keeping Pads are of the highest standard

There’s no doubt that taking on the job of wicketkeeper is a high-stakes role and that’s why you need the best protective pads you can get your hands on. All eyes turn towards you when the ball knicks off or misses the bat. At Kookaburra NZ, we want to make sure we have covered all bases to allow you to dive effectively, pounce on any loose ball and affect the run out. Whether you’re a pro or just looking for an entry level set of Kookaburra wicket keeping pads, we have you sorted.



Kookaburra Wicket Keeping Pads - The Ultimate Protective Gear


If you haven’t invested in some decent cricket wicket keeping pads, then you will be jeopardising your game and your safety. Stay protected on the front line with our professional range of ultra slim and lightweight protective pads. The ergonomic fit offers the appropriate padding but won’t restrict your movement when you need it most. Our cricket wicket keeping pads are very durable and feature polyester lining and external knee roll shaping. A breathable mesh lining means you can work up a sweat during those long hours out on the field and still be very comfortable.


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Stay protected and play better cricket when you have top quality gear on your side. Wicket keeping is important and so are the pads, Inners and Wicket Keeping Gloves that help you get the job done like a winner. Shop the New Zealand range online today.

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