Are you looking for a racket that can unleash unparalleled precision and power? Look no further than the DriveX 10METALLIC, the latest innovation from VICTOR, the leading brand in badminton equipment.

The DriveX 10METALLIC is designed with high resilience modulus graphite and nano fortify TR+ materials, which enhance the strength and durability of the frame. The hard cored technology reduces the torsion and vibration of the racket, resulting in more stability and accuracy.

The shaft of the DriveX 10METALLIC is made of pyrofil and Victor's new 6.6 shaft metallic carbon shaft, which provide a smooth and comfortable swing.

The DriveX 10METALLIC is suitable for players who want to dominate the game with fast and powerful shots. It has a weight of 3U and a grip size of G5. The recommended string tension is 29 lbs for 3U.

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